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Welcome to HP! You can relax. You're among friends. Even if you've never been in church before, you'll have no worries about being flagged as a newbie or visitor.

At HP, we’re long on relationships, short on formality – a different way to think about church.

Our style? Music is edgy, fun, celebrative, life-changing. Teaching is relevant, purposeful, easy to apply to your everyday life. Our 11th commandment: “Thou shalt not bore.”

Highland Park is a church for this generation. We’re a church for people who have given up on the traditional church but not on God. HP is far from traditional.

Image is everything…or is it? HP doesn’t think so. We care more about who you are than what you wear or where you’ve been. As a matter of fact, so does God. Our atmosphere is very casual. No ties – no pressure – no problem!

We’re more than just a Sunday service. We’re a place where imperfect people find acceptance with no strings attached!

It doesn’t matter where, when or how you share the message of Christ – it remains the same. But, at HP, the methods change continually to reach this generation.

We’re learning how to survive and thrive in this imbalance we all call life. One way we do that is through different life groups that meet each week following the Sunday worship service. Check out THE CONNECTION in the lobby area to get connected in a life group today.

At HP, we do our best to celebrate each day He grants us. Believe it or not, that attitude carries over into Sunday. Maybe you have found church to be boring in the past. Experience how much church has changed at HP. Dare we say it… fun.

It’s been said that most of us will die with a “to do list” still unfinished. We dare you to give HP a try and discover your purpose in life is more than just a list of “dos and don’ts,” it adds hope and meaning to every aspect of life.

At HP people come because they enjoy the music, the message, and the community atmosphere. Our COMMON GROUNDS café provides a great place to just hang out and connect with others each Sunday morning, serving coffee, snacks and drinks.

Whether you're single, married, single again, with or without children-- no matter where you've been or what you've done-- come as you are... and leave different.

HP has a dynamic program for children, K-6 grade, called G-Force. They meet in the worship service, exiting early to go to their own worship & teaching time. While parents are participating in worship in the main worship center, kids are having fun and learning about God in a creative atmosphere. We love introducing children to the love of Jesus in different ways!

Our 7-12th graders meet in a cool environment during life group time, called "The Attic". They have their own band each Wednesday night, with great relevant teaching and media effects.

Attending Sunday services is a great starting point at HP but we hope you'll move beyond being just a part of the church crowd. You can learn more about how to live your life with purpose by joining a Life Group (these meet following the Sunday service). Check out The Connection, located in the worship center and a volunteer will help you get connected today!

Before the service, be sure to say hi to our pastor and grab coffee and a snack with new friends in the lobby where everyone mills about during our "Common Grounds" time. During the service, please fill out your "Connection Card" and answer any questions you might have for us. Don’t worry – no one will show up at your house to visit unless you request it! If you are interested in serving or need to speak to one of our pastors, you may indicate that also on the Connection Card, located in the worship guide.