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Fall Out Student Ministry


Who are we? Good Question!
Like most youth today we are still trying to figure that out. What we can tell you that we have determined that we are dedicated to Serving Christ and Growing in Him. Having Fun and Uniting as ONE!

We are NOT a “youth group”; we are a Student Ministry. As a Student Ministry we are devoted to doing ministry to students and to developing ministry by students! We have some help from the adults but our goal is to let God use US to do as much as we can in Him.

Right now, God has begun to challenge us in some new ways. We aren’t sure where this journey will take us. But we are committed to let Him Revolutionize our lives and the world around us.

Come join us in the Shelter Wed. nites at 6:30pm or Sunday morning during life group time!

If you are an Adult who loves student and would like to help us;
Please contact Youth Pastor, Phillip Robinson.