Three Keys to Discovering Your Gift




What gifts would you like to see developed in your life?


If a man desires the position of a bishop, he desires a good work (I Tim. 3:1).


Pursue love, and desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy (I Cor. 14:1).


Delight yourself also in the Lord, And He shall give you the desires of your heart ( Ps. 37:4).




What gifts bring you the most joy in thinking about them and in using them?


I am being poured out as a drink offering on the sacrifice and service of your faith, I am glad and rejoice with you all.  For the same reason you also be glad and rejoice with me (Phil. 2:17-18)


Rejoice in the Lord always.  Again I will say, rejoice! (Phil. 4:4).




What gifts have you found to be effective in terms of results and in the eyes of others?


Even so you, since you are zealous for spiritual gifts, let it be for the edification of the church that you seek to excel (I Cor. 14:12).


For I long to see you, that I may impart to you some spiritual gift, so that you may be establishedthat is, that I may be encouraged together with you by the mutual faith both of you and me (Rom. 1: 11-12).


Discovering Your Spiritual Gift

  Note: Mark "Yes" (Y) in the lefthand margin for each question which fits you:

1.                 Would you describe yourself as an effective public speaker?

2.                 Do you find it relatively easy and enjoyable to spend time in intense study and research of the Bible?

3.                 Do you enjoy sharing the personal and emotional problems of people?

4.                 Do you find yourself more concerned with how to apply God's Word than in simply trying to understand its message?

5.                 Have you sensed that God has given you a special ability to learn and acquire knowledge concerning His Word?

6.                 Do you enjoy motivating others to various tasks and ministries?

7.                 Would other people describe you as a person who makes decisions easily?

8.                 Do you seem to concentrate more on practical things that need to be done rather than on why they should be done?

9.                 When you hear of someone who needs help, do you immediately offer your services if it is possible?

10.            Would you rather give money to help than to perform some manual task?

11.            Do you enjoy visiting people who are sick or disabled?

12.            Is your home the kind that most people feel comfortable in and will often drop by to visit with you unannounced?

13.            Do you find that you have the ability to believe things that other believers cannot seem to accept or see?

14.            Have other believers told you that you always seem to know whether something is right or wrong?

15.            When situations are not right, do you feel a burden to speak up about them in order to correct them?

16.            Do you love to deal with issues and questions?

17.            Have you found that people often seek you out to have your advice about their personal problems?

18.            Do you find that you often know immediately what to do in a situation where other believers are not clear as to what should be done?

19.            Do you find that people will often come to you with difficult problems and questions from the Bible, seeking your understanding?

20.            Do you find yourself setting goals and objectives for yourself and your ministry as a believer?

21.            Do you sense a great deal of responsibility to make decisions in behalf of others?

22.            Do you usually have a great deal of joy in just "doing things" that need to be done no matter how small or trivial the task?

23.            Do you sense a special ministry to help other people become more effective in their work?

24.            When you hear of someone in need, do you immediately think of sending them some money?

25.            When you hear of someone in the hospital, does it challenge you to bring them some encouragement and cheer?

26.            Do you feel that something is really missing in your life when you cannot have guests into your home?

27.            When people say that something cannot be done or is impossible, do you feel the burden to believe it and trust God for it?

28.            Do you seem to have an understanding of people and their motivations that proves to be correct, even though you do not know them well?

29.            Do you have a tendency to speak up when issues are being dealt with in a group, rather than remain silent and listen?

30.            When you hear a question or problem, are you anxious to both find and give an answer?

31.            Would you prefer to talk personally with someone about their problems rather than to send them to someone else for help?

32.            Do people often seek your advice in difficult situations as to what you would do or how you would handle things?

33.            In your study of God's Word have you observed that new insights and understanding of difficult subjects seem to come to you easily?

34.            When someone is not doing a job well, do you feel concerned to help him become more effective in what he is doing?

35.            Do you sense a moral responsibility when giving direction and guidance to others, always thinking of how this will affect others?

36.            Do you seem to have more satisfaction in doing a task than in what others thought of what you did?

37.            Do you see yourself more in a supportive ministry to others than in being in a place of leadership?

38.            Do you find yourself looking for opportunities to give your money without hearing any appeals?

39.            Do you find it easy to express joy in the presence of those who are suffering physically?

40.            Do you love to entertain people in your home regardless of how well you know them?

41.            Do you find that you usually feel opposed to anyone who expresses that something cannot be done or accomplished?

42.            Do you sense often that what is being said is produced by the devil rather than God, and has your judgment proved to be correct?

43.            Have you sensed that people feel conviction about wrong practices or doctrinal error when you share with them what the Bible says?

44.            Have people often said to you that you have an ability to explain difficult problems to them, usually giving reasons for what you believe?

45.            Do you really get much joy out of encouraging people who are going through personal problems and trials?

46.            Do you find that people usually ask what you think about a situation with the belief that you will always know what to do?

47.            Have you noticed that you have the ability to understand difficult teachings of God's Word without a great volume of research and study?

48.            Would you rather show someone else how to do a task than to do it yourself?

49.            Do you enjoy giving direction to others and making decisions for them?

50.            Is it true of you that when you are asked to do a particular task you usually feel no pressure or obligation?

51.            Do you feel a special burden to relieve others of their duties in order to free them to do their most important work?

52.            Do you find yourself responding immediately to financial needs by giving your money without a great deal of planning?

53.            Is it easy for you to talk with those who are suffering physically and to experience response on their part?

54.            Do you consider your home to be a real place of ministry to others?

55.            Have you discovered that you do not have to wait for clear evidence and direction before you make a decision?

56.            Do you find that you often evaluate people and the things they say as to whether it is right or wrong?

57.            When you speak God's Word do you usually think of how this is going to challenge and motivate those to whom you are speaking?

58.            Have people expressed to you how much they appreciate the way you explain things from the Bible?

59.            Do you find it easy to deal with people who are depressed or discouraged, experiencing a certain joy in what can be accomplished?

60.            Have other believers referred to decisions you have made or advice you have given as being the right thing to do and the best for everyone?

61.            Do you seem to understand things about God's Word that other believers with the same background and experience don't seem to know?

62.            Do you have a special concern to train and disciple other believers to become leaders?

63.            Do you find yourself constantly thinking of decisions that need to be made in giving overall direction to a group or organization?

64.            Would you rather do a job yourself than work with a group in trying to accomplish it?

65.            Do you believe that you would help almost anyone who had a need, if it were possible for you to do so?

66.            Do you sense a great deal of joy in giving, regardless of the response of the one to whom you gave?

67.            Do you often think of ways to minister and help those who are suffering physically?

68.            Would you like to have a regular ministry of entertaining people in your home regardless of who they are?

69.            Do you feel that you are able to trust God in difficult circumstances without hesitation or indecision?

70.            Do you feel a great responsibility toward God whenever you sense that something is not right which other believers do not seem to understand?

71.            Have other believers shared with you that you have the ability to communicate God's Word with great effectiveness?

72.            Do people come to you often, seeking your answers to specific questions or problems from the Bible?

73.            Do you sense a great deal of love and compassion for people having personal and emotional problems?

74.            When you give your advice to someone, do you seem to emphasize more in the area of "how" it should be done rather than "why" it should be done?

75.            Have other believers frequently pointed out to you that you have an ability to know and understand the things of God's Word?

76.            Do you have a special concern for people in helping them to reach their goals and objectives in their lives?

77.            Do people seem to depend upon you to make the major decisions for the group or the organization?

78.            When you hear of a specific job that needs to be done, are you anxious to do it yourself?

79.            Are you satisfied more with how a person has been helped by what you did, than by simply doing it?

80.            When you give your money to someone or something, do you usually desire to avoid letting others know what you did?

81.            Would you enjoy a regular ministry to those who are suffering physically?

82.            Do you look at having people into your home as an exciting ministry more than the fact that you have a responsibility to do this?

83.            Have other believers often shared with you that you seem to have the ability to trust God in difficult situations?

84.            Have people often asked your opinion of someone or something that has been said as to whether you thought it was right or wrong?

85.            Do you believe that you have gifts in communicating to others?

86.            Would you rather explain the meaning of a word than simply share a verse by quoting it to someone?

87.            Do you usually desire to hear others share their personal problems rather than being able to share yours with someone else?

88.            Do other believers seem to follow your advice in difficult situations?

89.            Have you found in studying God's Word that you seem to know what a passage is saying before other believers discover it?

90.            Do you usually take the leadership in a group where none exists?

91.            Do you usually feel morally responsible for the long-range effects of your decisions?

92.            Would you rather do a particular job than spend time talking with people about their problems and needs?

93.            When someone asks for your help, do you have great difficulty in saying "No11 to that person?

94.            When you give some money to someone, do you find that you do not expect any appreciation in return?

95.            Do you feel a great deal of compassion toward those who are suffering physically that makes you want to help them in some way?

96.            Do you find that you can easily have people into your home without being overly concerned about how it looks?

97.            Do you feel a burden to encourage people to trust God when you see them defeated and discouraged?

98.            Have you felt a special responsibility to protect the truth of God's Word by exposing that which is wrong and sinful?

99.            Would you rather speak God's Word to others without much explanation than take the time to explain every detail?

100.       Do you usually organize your thoughts in a systematic way?

101.       When you hear of some believer who has "sinned" or "fallen away", are you anxious to go to them immediately and try to help them?

102.       Have the decisions and the advice you have given in difficult situations proven to be the right thing to do in most cases?

103.       Do you have a great desire to share with other believers what the meaning of a difficult verse or passage is?

104.       Do you sense a great deal of joy in a leadership position, rather than frustration and difficulty?

105.       Have you had experience in being responsible to make decisions in behalf of a group or organiza­tion that would affect everyone?

106.       Do you find that you enjoy things that need to be done without being asked to do them?

107.       Do you find yourself looking for opportunities to help other people?

108.       Do you see the matter of giving money as a tremendous spiritual ministry and one which you believe God has given to you?

109.       Do you find that when visiting those who are suffering physically it brings you joy rather than depressing you?

110.       Have other believers often referred to your ability to have people in your home and to the way God has used you in this?

111.       Have you seen God do mighty things in your life that other believers said could not be done but which you believed He would do?  

112.       Do you feel that you are helping other believers when you discern that something is wrong, and have they readily accepted your evaluation?

113.       When an opportunity is give you to speak to other believers, do you find that you would rather share verses than to share your personal experiences?

114.       Have other believers told you often that you should have a regular teaching ministry and have you felt the same?

115.       Do you enjoy a person-to-person ministry more than ministering to a group?

116.       Have you sensed a special ability in your life to know what to do when dealing with difficult problems and situations?

117.       When you see other believers confused and lacking in understanding about some difficult teaching of the Bible, have you sensed a responsibility to speak to them about what it means?

118.       Do you seem to know how to meet people's needs, goals, and desires without too much study and planning?

119.       Do you enjoy being the “final voice” or the one with the overall responsibility for the direction and success of a group or organization?

120.       Do you find that it is not necessary for your to have a “job description” when you are asked to do a particular task?

121.       Have people often expressed to you how you have helped them in doing a particular job that relieved them of that responsibility in order to do something else?

122.       Are you really excited when someone asks you to help financially in some worthwhile project, seeing this as a great honor and privilege?

123.       Are you willing and eager to spend time, money, and resources, in order to help those who are suffering physically?

124.       Do you find a great joy in having people into your home rather than sensing that it is a burden responsibility that will entail too much work?

125.       Have you discovered an effective prayer ministry in your life with many wonderful answers to prayer that from a human point of view seem impossible or unlikely?

126.       Have you often made an evaluation of someone or something that was said that others did not see, but yet proved to be correct?



Now that your test is over, take a moment to thank the Lord for His direction and guidance and ask Him to give you a submissive heart and a humble attitude toward whatever gift (or gifts) He has given you. Also, remember that whatever gifts we have have already been given to us the moment we became believers in Christ. Our ability to discover these gifts is based on our maturity in Christ, our continual use of these gifts, and the effectiveness and joy we have experienced when using them. Since these things change throughout our Christian experience, you will want to review the gifts often and perhaps take the test again in the future and compare those results with what you have discovered at this point.


Your "Yes" answers will serve to help you identify your gift. Circle the number for each question you answered "Yes" in the appropriate place on the list below. The area where you have the most "Yes" answers is your gift. If there is more than one gift in which you have lots of positive answers, the final answer can be found in your own attitude toward those gifts in which you scored more or less equally. God gives us a delight and satisfaction in doing His will in our lives. The Holy Spirit will guide you in the use of your gifts - rely on Him!

Prophecy Word of Wisdom Administration Giving Faith
1 4 7 10 13
15 18 21 24 27
29 32 35 38 41
43 46 49 52 55
57 60 63 66 69
71 74 77 80 83
85 88 91 94 97
99 102 105 108 111
113 116 119 122 125
Teaching Word of Knowledge Serving Showing Mercy Helps
2 5 8 11 9
16 19 22 25 23
30 33 36 39 37
44 47 50 53 51
58 61 64 67 65
72 75 78 81 79
86 89 92 95 93
100 103 106 109 107
114 117 120 123 121
Exhortation Leadership Hospitality Discernment  
3 6 12 14  
17 20 26 28  
31 34 40 42  
45 48 54 56  
59 62 68 70  
73 76 82 84  
87 90 96 98  
101 104 110 112  
115 118 124 126  
  Definition of Gifts:

Prophecy:  Proclaim the Word of God boldly to build up the body and lead to conviction of sin.

Word of Wisdom:  Discern the work of the Holy Spirit in the body and apply His teachings and actions to the needs of the body.

Administration:  Lead the body by steering other to remain on task.  Enable the body to organize according to God-given purposes and long-term goals.

Giving:  Financially support with joy and generosity the work and mission of the body.

Faith:  Trust God to work beyond the human capabilities of the people.  Encourage others to trust in God in the face of apparently insurmountable odds.

Teaching:  Instruct members in the truths and doctrines of God's Word for the purposes of building up, unifying, and maturing the body.

Word of Knowledge:  The God-given ability to learn, know, and communicate the precious truths of God's Word.

Serving/Helps:  Recognize practical needs in the body and joyfully give assistance to meet those needs.  Do not mind working behind the scenes.

Showing Mercy:  Characterized by cheerful acts of compassion.  Empathize with hurting people.  Keep the body healthy and unified by keeping others aware of the needs within the church.

Exhortation:  Encourage members to be involved in and enthusiastic about the work of the Lord; often good counselors.

Leadership:  Direct members to accomplish the goals and objectives of the church.  See and communicate a vision about the future of the church.  Motivate people to work together in unity to fulfill the church's mission and purposes.

Hospitality:  Make visitors, guests, and strangers feel at ease.  Often use their home to entertain guests.  Integrate new members into the body.

Discernment:  Aid the body by recognizing the true intentions of those within or related to the body.  Test the message and actions of others for the protection and well-being of the body.